Welcome to Orkla

Christer Grönberg

Hear from our Executive Vice-President, HR, Christer Grönberg talk about what #ahometogrow means to Orkla and its employees.

Orkla is a company with long roots that date back to the 15th century in Norway where we first began working within the mining sector. There has been a lot of change within our company since those early days and we are now focused on our journey as a company towards 2025. This date signifies a time when we will realize our many critical business objectives and must wins. One of those objectives concerns our position as an attractive and preferred employer in our key markets which we are committed to making a reality.

We have worked at creating a strong foundation, A Home to Grow, from which we can develop a strong employer brand and culture where candidates and employees can experience Orkla and all the great things we can offer. We understand how important it is to get that story out so that we can not only make our employees proud to work here but also to make potential candidates excited at the prospect of joining a company like Orkla.

Stay Eager to Learn: Our focus on develop and learning  – both as a company but also for our employees, is paramount to everything we do. Through our culture of learning, our individual academies and professional development programs, we encourage our employees to adopt lifelong learning attitudes which can enable them to have a long and successful career at Orkla. Furthermore, due to the fact we own the end to end value chain, you have countless opportunities to learn and grow – right here inside the organization.

Find Like-Minds: Regardless of where you work within the Orkla system, you are part of a team and are able to see the impact of your work. We value every employee for who they are as individuals and their role in the wider value chain. We also know that people do their best work by supporting one another and working collaboratively towards a common goal. By demonstrating mutual respect to each other, you are able to make friends and have fun as you work collaboratively and ethically across countries and functions.

Be Global, locally: We’re a global business rooted in local culture. Our recent history has created a strong Nordic base for our operations however we are focusing more and more on creating a stronger global footprint and as such remain committed to growing outside of the Nordics in the coming years. What sets up apart is that we are a global FMCG company backed by strong local brands that retain their name, history and connection to the customer. As a result, our employees are proud to represent and work with the brands they have grown up with and love, backed by a large global organisation that can provide resources, knowledge and support along the entire value chain.  This is both a unique and powerful combination for our employees.

Continue to Love: New and old local brands such as Kalev, Grandiosa, Klar and Panda, make us who we are. They’re a familiar friend, an everyday staple and even a gateway to a more sustainable world. We’re proud to have been in the homes and hearts of millions of consumers for generations, and also proud of how we’ve got there. This connection to the products and brands connect all of us through our commitment and passion to make Orkla the best place it can be.


As a function, Human Resources at Orkla, is focused on providing the entire organization with the right tools and resources to create the most value, achieve the best results and develop into the best version of yourself.

We continue committed to being the best place to work and truly feel like a home to grow for our employees working with us today and for those who might join us tomorrow!


Christer Grönberg, Executive Vice-President, Group Functions