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Management teams for the business areas

The management teams for Orkla Foods, Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, Orkla Home & Personal and Orkla Food Ingredients.

Orkla Foods

  • Atle Vidar Nagel-Johansen

    Atle Vidar Nagel Johansen

    Executive Vice President and CEO Orkla Foods

    +47 22 54 40 00

  • Paul Jordahl

    Paul Jordahl

    CEO, Orkla Foods Norge.

  • Henrik Julin

    Henrik Julin

    CEO Orkla Foods Sverige

  • Bendix, Tino

    Tino Bendix

    CEO Orkla Foods Danmark

  • Rabbe Wikström

    Rabbe Wikström

    CEO Orkla Suomi, CEO Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland and CEO Orkla Foods Fenno-Baltic

  • Johan Wilhelmsson

    Johan Wilhelmsson

    CEO Orkla Foods Central Europe

  • Jan Roar Nordby

    Jan Roar Nordby

    CFO Orkla Foods

  • Patrik Färdow

    Patrik Färdow

    Chief Operating Officer Orkla Foods

  • Are Nakkim

    Are Nakkim

    Business Development & IT Director

  • Irene Olsson

    Irene Olsson

    Director Marketing and Innovation

  • Helena Giertz

    Helena Giertz

    HR Director

Orkla Confectionery & Snacks

  • Ann-Beth Freuchen

    Ann-Beth Freuchen

    Executive Vice President and CEO of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks

    +47 22 54 40 00

  • Rolf Arnljot Strøm

    Rolf Arnljot Strøm


  • Tonny Møller Guldborg

    Tonny Møller Guldborg

    SVP Supply Chain

  • Sjur Skjæveland

    Sjur Skjæveland

    Business Development Director

  • Hege Aamotsmo

    Hege Aamotsmo

    SVP Human Resources

  • Jeanette Hauan Fladby

    Jeanette Hauan Fladby

    CEO Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Norge

  • Malin Jennerholm

    Malin Jennerholm

    CEO Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Sverige

  • Kim Munk

    Kim Munk

    CEO Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Danmark

  • Rabbe Wikström

    Rabbe Wikström

    CEO Orkla Suomi, CEO Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Finland and CEO Orkla Foods Fenno-Baltic

  • Kaido Kaare

    Kaido Kaare

    CEO Orkla Confectionery & Snacks Baltics

Orkla Care

  • Stig Ebert Nilssen

    Stig Ebert Nilssen

    Executive Vice President and CEO Orkla Care

    +47 95 88 65 41

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  • Drabløs, Bjørn Ove

    Bjørn Ove Drabløs

    CEO Orkla Home & Personal Care

  • Karolina G. Henriksen

    Karolina G. Henriksen

    CEO Lilleborg Profesjonell

  • Henning Søgaard

    Henning Søgaard

    CEO Orkla Health

  • Maria Lundman-Hedberg

    Maria Lundman-Hedberg

    CEO Orkla Wound Care

  • Hege Holter Brekke

    Hege Holter Brekke

    CEO Pierre Robert Group

  • Johs Høeg

    Johs Høeg

    CEO Orkla House Care

  • Stein Eriksen

    Stein Eriksen

    CFO Orkla Care

  • Lasse Ruud-Hansen

    Lasse Ruud-Hansen

    SVP Business Development, Orkla Care

  • Runar Pahr Andresen

    Runar Pahr Andresen

    SVP Marketing and Innovation

  • Daniel Stenberg

    Daniel Stenberg

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Johanna Sundén

    Johanna Sundén

    SVP Human Resources

Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Pål Eikeland

    Pål Eikeland

    Executive Vice President and CEO Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Tommy Strømstad

    Tommy Strømstad

    CFO Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Siw Dejligbjerg Steen

    Siw Dejligbjerg Steen

    Business development director Orkla Food Ingredients

  • Mats Olsson

    Mats Olsson

    Business Development Director Orkla Food Ingredients Sales and Distribution

  • Jone Voll

    Jone Voll

    Responsible for the Improvers business unit (Idun Industri and Sonneveld), CEO Idun Industri

  • Halvor Liodden

    Halvor Liodden

    Responsible for the business unit Pastry (Odense Group and Credin Group), CEO Credin Group

  • Thore Svensson

    Thore Svensson

    Responsible for Orkla Food Ingredients Sales & Distribution, CEO KåKå Group

  • Niels Søgaard

    Niels Søgaard

    CEO Odense Marcipan

  • Christian Ubbesen

    Christian Ubbesen

    Sales Director Business to Business Odense Marcipan

  • Ib Mortensen

    Ib Mortensen

    Business development director Orkla Food Ingredients and acting Managing Director of Condite Group

  • Manuela Banu

    Manuela Banu

    General Manager, Orkla Foods Romania

Orkla Investments

  • Terje Andersen

    Terje Andersen

    CEO and head of Orkla Investments

    +47 22 54 40 00

  • Thomas Ljungqvist

    Thomas Ljungqvist

    CFO Orkla Investments

  • Espen E. Wiik

    Espen E. Wiik

    SVP Orkla Investments

    +47 982 82 898

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