Orkla’s Sustainability Ambition

We create positive change by enabling a responsible transition towards net zero and sustainable production and consumption.

Explore our sustainability commitment

Go to 2025-2030

Emissions reduced by

by 65%

Scope 1,2

Go to 2030-2045

Emissions reduced by

by 70%

Scope 1,2


We will reach

Net Zero

by 2045

Orkla is committed to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045.

Set ambitions

  • Set Science Based Targets (SBT) - approved(2018)
  • Set direction and establish strategy
  • Establish energy reduction and efficiency projects at own operations
  • Start securing renewable electricity
  • Achieve certification of high-risk raw materials to avoid deforestation 

Build the foundation

  • Update SBTs
  • Set Net-Zero target – approved (2022)
  • Develop Net Zero Transition Plan
  • Improve data quality and tools
  • Continue energy reduction and efficiency projects in own operations
  • Transition to low carbon energy sources
  • Secure 100 % renewable electricity
  • Innovate product portfolio to reduce emissions
  • Ensure deforestation- and conversion free supply chain
  • Reduce waste throughout the value chain
  • Cooperate with suppliers on reduction of climate impact
  • Reduce impact from transportation 

Accellerate actions

  • Implement Net Zero Transition Plans
  • Develop competence and tools
  • Strengthen collaboration and organise joint projects/initiatives
  • Ensure fossil free energy sources in own operations
  • Maintain certification of raw materials
  • Optimise and innovate towards  ow carbon product portfolio
  • Continue supplier collaboration for reduction of climate impact 
  • Continue efforts for reduction of emissions from waste and transportation
  • Introduce carbon removals initiatives

Complete the transition

  • Implement our innovated low carbon portfolio supported by fossil free logistics and operations
  • Neutralize remaining emissions through scientifically approved methods

Our Guiding stars

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Orkla’s primary contribution to sustainable development is to facilitate a sustainable lifestyle through product innovation and value chain improvements.

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Stakeholder dialogue and partnerships are key to making the transition to net zero and sustainable production and consumption.

SDGs central to our sustainability work

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Diversity and gender balance

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Respect for human rights in the workplace and supply chain

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Continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain to reach Net-Zero

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Sustainable sourcing of marine resources

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No contribution to deforestation and conversion of ecosystems along with sustainable agriculture and nature restoration