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Orkla is committed to operating in accordance with responsible, ethical and sound business principles throughout the value chain, applying stringent standards to its own activities and to its impact on the environment and society at large.

Orkla’s environmental and corporate responsibility work is based on its recognition of the fundamental obligation of business and industry to operate in a sustainable manner, with respect for people and the environment. At the same time, our activities are affected by global health and sustainability trends. We believe that the ability to reduce the risks and exploit the opportunities related to these trends will be decisive for achieving long-term profitable growth.

Orkla wishes to contribute to sustainable development by offering healthy, more environmentally friendly products, maintaining high food safety standards, ensuring effective resource use, promoting supply chain improvements and, in general, operating responsibly. In our sustainability strategy up to 2020, we have identified four areas in which Orkla can exercise a strong influence on society, and where we can make a significant contribution to ensuring a sustainable value chain. In each of these areas, Orkla has formulated a sustainability pledge.

  • Nutrition and health: Promote a healthy lifestyle
    Orkla seeks to promote better public health by developing healthier products, using clear labelling, adhering to responsible marketing practices and implementing measures to increase physical activity among the population.
  • Food safety: Ensure safe food throughout the value chain
    Orkla applies the same product quality standards regardless of the country in which the product is manufactured or sold.
  • Responsible sourcing: Develop sustainable value chains.
    In 2020, all purchasing is to be carried out in compliance with Orkla’s sustainable production principles.
  • Environment: Minimise our environmental footprint
    Orkla will strive to minimise its environmental footprint by ensuring that the Group’s activities and products are not harmful to the environment.

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  • Environment

    Orkla’s operations must have the least possible impact on the environment. Important measures include reduc...
  • Food and product safety

    Orkla takes an uncompromising stance on food safety. We apply the same product quality and product safety s...
    Food safety
  • Nutrition and health

    Orkla’s ambition is to help promote a healthier diet among the population at large. In 2015, the Group devo...
    Nutrition and health
  • Responsible sourcing

    Orkla is committed to using raw materials that are produced with the best interests of people, animals and...
    Responsible purchasing

Other important topics

Orkla seeks to promote a healthy life style

  • Healthier favourites

    Healthier favourites

    Developing healthier products with less salt, sugar and saturated fat is high on Orkla’s agenda. In 2016 the companies continued to make good progress in this work.In several countries, the populat...

Annual Report 2016

Sustainability Report included
Annual Report 2016 - Sustainability Report included


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