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Safe, quality products

Ensuring that consumers are safe is a main priority for Orkla. That is why stringent quality and product safety standards are applied when developing cleaning products, textiles, painting tools and other household products.

Training was also provided in HACCP, allergen handling, contigency preparedness and safe packaging. In the same way as in Orkla’s food production, the Orkla Care companies adhere to strict product safety guidelines in every part of their value chain, from innovation and product development to the manufacturing processes of Orkla’s suppliers or Orkla’s own factories, right up until the product reaches the consumer. The companies carry out an assessment of health and safety aspects related to each product as part of the product development process. Consumer safety work is based on the precautionary principle, and companies seek to replace ingredients that could potentially have a negative effect on health or the environment.

All Pierre Robert textile products have undergone a health and safety assessment. The same applies to detergents and household cleaning and personal care products manufactured by Orkla Home & Personal Care, wound care products from Orkla Wound Care and health products from Orkla Health. The companies keep close track of research on health hazards linked to raw materials that may be relevant, and have restrictive guidelines for the use of chemicals.

Well-documented ingredients

In its development of detergents and personal care products, Orkla Home & Personal Care uses only well-documented ingredients that have been approved under strict European laws and regulations. The company continuously strives to further develop and improve its products from a health and environmentaI standpoint. In the period 2015-2016, the company has focused on replacing perfumes that could cause allergies and reducing use of controversial preservatives.

Safe plasters and first-aid products

Orkla Wound Care develops technical medical products under brands such as Salvequick, Cederroth First Aid and Dr San for use at workplaces and in households. The products are preservative-free and contain no known allergens, and are tested to ensure that they are safe to use on skin. Latex, which can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals, is used in the adhesive in a small number of products. For these products Orkla Wound Care has started a project to replace the latex adhesive with an alternative adhesive. All the company’s products are manufactured in wellcontrolled processes that ensure that the products that are sold are safe to use.

Safe health products

Orkla Health develops dietary supplements and various health products. To ensure that the products are safe to use and have well-documented effects, the company has a staff of around 30 persons who work with quality and regulatory issues. Weight reduction products are developed in compliance with a stringent European regulatory framework, based on a carefully formulated composition that enables consumers on a calorie-restricted diet to feel confident that they are receiving adequate nutrition. Sports products are developed in accordance with international standards for what the body requires during training and competitions.