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Orkla's corporate responsibility

Orkla defines corporate responsibility as achieving commercial profitability in a way that is consistent with fundamental ethical values and with respect for individuals, the environment and society.

Orkla’s directive on corporate responsibility describes the general principles governing the way the Group companies are to address the issues of human and workers’ rights, environment, health and safety (EHS), anti-corruption and other important areas of responsibility. The directive is based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO’s Core Conventions and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. It has been adopted by Orkla’s Board of Directors and applies to the entire Group, including wholly-owned subsidiaries.

Orkla’s Human Rights Policy provides guidelines elaborating on the way the Orkla companies should work to promote the human and workers’ rights considered to be most relevant for the companies’ day-to-day operations. These include the principles of the right to human dignity, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to life, liberty and security, competence development, privacy, diversity and non-discrimination, consultation and employee involvement, occupational health and safety, prevention of child labour and protection of marginalised population groups.

The Orkla Code of Conduct describes the Group’s standards and expectations in respect of individual managers, employees and Board members with regard to important human and labour rights, such as respect and tolerance, gender equality and non-discrimination, and requirements related to the environment and anti-corruption efforts.

Orkla also has common policies and guidelines for efforts in key areas of responsibility, including environment, health and safety (EHS), food safety, anti-corruption and competition law.

  • We support The Global Compact

    The Global Compact

    Orkla joined the UN Global Compact in 2005.The commitment to Global Compact means that Orkla is one of more than 8,000 companies and organisations that is committed to promoting Global Compact...
  • Management procedures

    Management procedures

    Orkla strives to operate in accordance with fundamental ethical values and with respect for individuals, society and the environment. To ensure compliance with this standard in every part of the Gr...
  • Dialogue with stakeholders

    Dialogue with stakeholders

    A good dialogue with stakeholders is important to ensure that Orkla fulfills its responsibility towards different stakeholder groups and adapts to changes in society and to create confidence in its...
  • Ansvar ved investeringer

    Responsible investment

    As part of the Group’s due diligence procedures in connection with acquisitions and major investments, Orkla assesses the risk of becoming involved in breaches of anti-corruption and competition law and other key corporate...
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    If Orkla is to attain its goals, it is crucial that management and employees comply with legislation and rules and conduct themselves in an ethical manner. 


  • Håkon Mageli

    Håkon Mageli

    Group Director, Corporate Communications and Corporate Affairs

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  • Ellen Behrens

    Ellen Behrens

    Vice President CSR

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Our approach

We want to assume responsibility for the impact of our activities on the community around us. At the same time, we wish to contribute to a more sustainable future through product development and improvements that create value for both society and Orkla.

Our principles are based on the recognition that we are responsible for running our operations with respect for people and the environment, and that we are in a position to create positive ripple effects for the community around us.