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If Orkla is to attain its goals, it is crucial that management and employees comply with legislation and rules and conduct themselves in an ethical manner. 

Orkla’s stance on business ethics and corporate responsibility is presented in  Orkla's Directive on Corporate Social Responsibility and the  Orkla Code of Conduct.

If employees experience situations or matters that may be contrary to rules and regulations or the Orkla Code of Conduct, the Group urges them to raise their concern with their immediate superior or another manager in Orkla. Orkla stresses that Group companies are required to protect whistle blowers against retaliation. Whistle-blowers are also protected under the Norwegian Working Environment Act.

Orkla has also established a whistle-blowing function to enable employees to alert the Group’s governing bodies about possible breaches of the Orkla Code of Conduct if it is difficult to raise the matter locally. The function is administered by Orkla’s Internal Audit staff on behalf of Orkla’s Audit Committee. Orkla’s whistle-blowing function is thus organised independently of Orkla’s line management.

Contact information for Orkla’s whistle-blowing function:
Telephone +47 22 54 40 12