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Responsible sourcing

Orkla sources raw materials from all over the world. We seek to contribute to sustainable development by setting clear requirements for our suppliers and working together to resolve complex challenges arising in the value chain.
Sustainable development is about meeting the needs of people living today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The combination of population growth, climate change and unsustainable farming and fi shing methods puts natural resources under heavy pressure. The production of certain raw materials may also present serious challenges with respect to poverty, child labour, animal welfare and breaches of labour standards.

Orkla sets clearly defined requirements for its suppliers and works in partnership with them to solve complex environmental and social challenges arising in the value chain. We require that all suppliers, irrespective of country, observe Orkla’s Code of Conduct and principles for sustainable and fair production. In 2014, we drew up a strategy for Orkla’s responsible sourcing in the period up to 2020 that is applicable to the whole Group.

  • Monitoring of suppliers

    Monitoring of suppliers

    The Orkla companies monitor potentially risky suppliers by engaging in dialogue, conducting audits and providing guidance. Audits of business ethics are performed in cases where more detailed and i...
  • Sustainable raw materials

    Sustainable raw materials

    Orkla collaborates with raw material suppliers all over the world. There are social and environmental challenges associated with the supply chains for some raw materials, such as cocoa, palm oil, f...
  • Partners and international solutions

    Partners and international solutions

    Industry cooperation and the harmonisation of standards and monitoring tools across sectors and geographical locations are important means of reducing the workload imposed on suppliers in connection with follow-up, and of...


Mattis Sydhagen

Mattis Sydhagen

Director Sourcing Development & Support

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Sourcing at Orkla

The value of Orkla’s overall purchases in 2014 was NOK 17,136 million. Approximately 60% of procurements are made from suppliers in the Nordic and Baltic countries, which are Orkla’s most important markets. Orkla’s branded consumer goods companies purchase raw materials, other materials and services from some 21,000 suppliers, 2,000 of them major suppliers.

Totalled NOK 17,136 million

Primary objectives up to 2020

  • Ensure that all suppliers comply with Orkla’s Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Ensure that important agricultural products, marine raw materials and packaging are produced in a sustainable manner.
  • This applies to products such as cocoa, palm oil, soybean, vegetables, berries, fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Contribute to long-term improvement in conditions for 10,000 farmers.

Our approach

Orkla has procedures for responsible sourcing designed to ensure the desired product quality and ensure that production in all segments of the supplier chain is in accordance with international human rights standards, working conditions, protection of the physical environment and anti-corruption efforts.

We require that all our suppliers comply with Orkla’s Supplier Code of Conduct. We identify the risk of breach of these standards and use dialogue, audits and guidance to monitor suppliers at risk of breaching standards. Risk identifi cation and supplier monitoring procedures have been implemented in 23 companies that together account for 85% of purchasing value in Orkla’s core operations.