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Pierre Robert Group har regelmessig dialog med sine kinesiske leverandører om arbeidsforhold. Foto Margrethe Vikanes

Monitoring of suppliers

The Orkla companies monitor potentially risky suppliers by engaging in dialogue, conducting audits and providing guidance. Audits of business ethics are performed in cases where more detailed and independent scrutiny is needed.

All audits are summed up in a non-conformity report with an appurtenant corrective action plan, and the supplier is required to undertake to remedy identifi ed non-conformities within an agreed period of time. The most common non-conformities are lack of adequate protective equipment, inadequate fi re safety, first aid and noise protection procedures, excessive use of overtime and non-conformities related to pay and overtime compensation.


Respect for workers’ rights is a cornerstone of our corporate culture, and essential to sustainable operations.

Orkla holds the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work to be inviolable. These principles serve as the basis for our own Orkla Supplier Code of Conduct.

Enforcement of our Code of Conduct

Orkla is committed to promoting continuous improvement at the supplier level, and will to the extent possible collaborate with suppliers to ensure better conditions. Suppliers must show a willingness to comply with our standards by documenting gradual improvement. In the event of serious breaches of our Supplier Code of Conduct, or a failure to achieve improvement over time, we will consider terminating our partnership with the supplier in question.

Resultats in 2016

  Unit  2016 2015
Business ethics audits Number  56 83
Non-conformances, total Number of non-conformances 200 184
Influence on working conditions Number of non-conformances 184 162
Influence on human rights Number of non-conformances 4 3
Other non-conformances  Number of non-conformances 12 19
Remedied non-conformances Number of non-conformances 30 41

Supplier Code of Conduct