Personal privacy

Information about the way Orkla processes personal data and the right to access that data.

Orkla is a group of companies that produce goods for consumers in various territories. Your local Orkla companies share responsibility for processing your personal data, and we promise always to handle such data securely.

The purpose of processing your personal data

The purpose for which we use personal data and the type of personal data we use will be specified or made clear in the context of your contact with us. The purposes for which Orkla processes personal data are usually to manage enquiries from you or to provide you with a service or product that you have asked for, but the purpose may also be to communicate better with you and to improve our products, services or marketing.

Parameters for our processing of personal data

We process personal data within the parameters of the applicable local laws and regulations. The legal grounds will be

  • that the processing is necessary to fulfil an agreement with you, to carry out tasks prior to such an agreement or in order for Orkla to meet its legal obligations.
  • that you have given us explicit consent for a specific type of processing, such as subscribing to a newsletter.
  • that Orkla has a legitimate interest in a type of use that we assume you will consider acceptable based, for example, on your contact with us. This is relevant in five types of situation:
    • If you have consented to receive offers or newsletters from Orkla, we will be able to personalise such communications in order to target marketing that is considered relevant by the recipients.
    • If you have consented to receive offers or newsletters from Orkla, we can use your email address and information from your contact with us to adapt the display of advertisements to you or others on third-party websites (such as Facebook) in order to improve our marketing.
    • If you take part in a contest or campaign, we can temporarily store your contact data to enable you to participate and to enable us to contact you if you win or attain other benefits directly related to your participation. Our legitimate interest in the processing is being able to market our products.
    • If you contact us, for example, with questions or comments, we can process your name and contact data and information in your communication insofar as necessary to deal with your communication. Our legitimate interest in the processing is providing customer service and improving our products and marketing.
    • If you have logged in as a user on one of Orkla’s online stores and have left products in your shopping basket without completing the purchase or logging out, we can store the shopping basket data and send you an email reminding you about the basket at a later date.

Deletion and anonymisation

We will delete personal data once we have processed your communication, fulfilled the agreement or met our legal obligations. Data that we use for marketing purposes will be deleted if you ask us to do so by contacting us as set out below, on our user pages (“My Page” or similar) or via links in our emails to you.

As an alternative to deletion, we can remove identifying information from your personal data, so that the data can no longer be linked back to you (anonymisation). We may use such anonymous information in our experience archive and to produce analyses and statistics, in order to adapt and develop Orkla’s marketing and products to the wishes and needs of consumers.

Storing personal data

The personal data will be stored on Microsoft’s servers in Europe. If it should be deemed relevant to provide Microsoft in other countries with temporary access to systems where this data is stored, for example to correct faults, satisfactory protection of personal data is safeguarded through the EU standard agreement and/or the EU/US Privacy Shield Agreement. Should you wish to have a copy of these, please email