Seaweed is the future

And here are five reasons why.


Orkla is working to find new, innovative ways of using seaweed. This is a long-term process where it will take time before we see extensive use of seaweed by people in general. However, we are making good progress and see a potential for seaweed becoming a major trend.


Orkla has established Orkla Ocean AS, which has specialised expertise in the development and commercialisation of seaweed in the European market.


“It’s important that we make greater use of the ocean as our larder, thereby also helping to reduce the strain on the earth’s resources. Seaweed may be the solution to several of the major challenges of our time,” comments Linn Anne Bjelland Brunborg, Managing Director of Orkla Ocean.


She cites five reasons why seaweed is the future:

1. Sustainable

Seaweed is highly sustainable. It’s the ocean’s rainforest, binds CO2 and can make a strong contribution to meeting the environmental and climate challenges we face.

2. Nutritious

Seaweed is the ocean’s wholesome vegetables and a natural source of many nutrients that can otherwise be hard to obtain in our diet.

3. Tasty

Seaweed is naturally rich in umami and can be a natural taste enhancer in a host of foods. We can produce a multitude of tastes based on seaweed, with flavours ranging from shellfish to roast pork skin, and the potential for developing other tastes in the future is huge.

4. Useful

Seaweed can be used for many different purposes: in food, cosmetics, health foods, animal feed – and even in packaging.

5. Nordic quality

Here in the north we have the most fantastic conditions for cultivating seaweed. The cold, clean, pure water ensures seaweed of high quality. Orkla works closely with Arctic Seaweed, which farms seaweed in Western Norway.