Electronic signing of documents

In order to simplify signing of supplier contracts and other relevant documents, Orkla will start to use electronic signatures provided by Adobe Sign. Within Europe, an electronic signature is equally valid as a physical signature and will thus be applied for most European suppliers and contracts that fall below European law.

How do I as a supplier sign documents electronic?

The signing process is conducted through an assigned portal and is fully coordinated by mail. When there is a request for signature, the supplier will be notified by mail and receive a link to the document in question. All fields that require data input are marked and signing can be done by four different means:

  1. Type in your name with the keyboard
  2. Draw your signature with the mouse
  3. Upload an image of your signature written by hand
  4. Use your mobile phone to sign

When the signing process is completed all involved parties will receive a copy by mail. Signed documents get a visual certification stamp as a proof of validity. Please watch this movie for more information on how to electronically sign documents.

What if the information in the document is incorrect or I wish to delegate the signing?

If you want to reject the document or delegate the signing to someone else this can be easily done by using the top left menu in the document viewing window. It is also possible to add a comment on why you can´t accept the document or wish to delegate it further.

Do I need to create an Adobe Sign account?

No, it is perfectly possible to sign and manage documents without this account. The creation of a free Adobe Sign account is mainly useful if you conclude several contracts with Orkla, especially if you handle multiple documents at the same time. An Adobe Sign account allows you to mange the signing process and signed contracts from the past on the online and secure platform of Adobe Sign. If you wish to create an account it can be easily done on the Adobe website.


Please reach out to your contact at Orkla Group Procurement