Multi-factor authentication startup guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

MFA has been enabled for all accounts.

MFA is a security measure that requires more than one method of authentication and adds a second factor of identity verification to secure your account. 

First you need something you know- in our case your password, then something unique that you have- your phone. By combining these, attackers cant access your account even if they know your password.   

By introducing Multi factor authentication we can validate your identity, help safeguard access to data and applications while maintaining simplicity for our users.  

In Orkla we are now deploying multi factor authentications through a secure mobile appMicrosoft AuthenticatorMany of you might already be familiar with the concept and have used similar applications to access Internet banking 

 The Authenticator app will send an approval notification to your smartphone for every login attempt from a new device or after a certain period of time. 

We hear reports in the news about passwords being stolen and identities being compromised. Over 95% of security breaches involves account take over. Working from different devices and locations, every single one of us can be used as the trigger for the next attack.    

Our users and passwords can be our weakest link and leave Orkla unaware of who’s accessing our valuable data and our network.