Palm-oil free branded consumer goods

The vast majority of Orkla’s food products, biscuits, snacks and confectionery in the Nordic grocery market are now free of palm oil. We have worked to achieve this objective for several years by replacing palm oil with healthier alternatives.

The health authorities recommend that we limit the percentage of saturated fat in our diet to no more than 10% of our energy intake. Orkla helps to reduce people’s intake of saturated fat by replacing palm oil with alternatives that have a more beneficial composition of fatty acids.


  • Most of Orkla’s food, chocolate, biscuit and snack product companies have replaced all use of palm oil with healthier alternatives.
  • By developing products with a healthier fat composition, Orkla has long contributed to reducing consumption of saturated fat. The reduction measures carried out in the past five years have resulted in a decrease in annual consumption of saturated fat of around 4,600 tonnes.
  • Most of Orkla’s food, biscuit, snack and chocolate products sold on the European grocery market are now palm-oil free.
  • Orkla uses palm oil and palm kernel oil in its production of ingredients for the bakery sector. Derivatives of palm oil and palm kernel oil are also used in cleaning products. These raw materials are sourced from suppliers who have established effective procedures for preventing deforestation and achieving sustainable cultivation of oil palms. Moreover, a growing percentage of the raw materials purchased by Orkla are RSPO-certified, providing further control of raw material production.
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