Dialogue with authorities and politicians

Orkla is engaged in dialogue with authorities and politicians at national level and in the EU regarding trade policy framework conditions, nutrition and health and other matters that call for cooperation between business and industry and the authorities.

Part of the dialogue with the authorities in the countries in which Orkla is represented is conducted through national employers’ organisations such as the Confederation of Norwegian Industry (NHO), the Swedish Food Federation (LI) and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) as well as industry and trade associations. Orkla is represented in several organisations in Brussels.

The Orkla companies maintain an ongoing dialogue with the supervisory authorities to ensure compliance with the operating requirements imposed by the authorities and to obtain advice on practical issues. This contact is assured by the relevant specialist staff in connection with the companies’ product development and production operations. The management of the individual company engages in a dialogue with local and national political authorities to find viable solutions to matters concerning their operations, and to create an understanding of the companies’ goals, plans and needs.