Management procedures

Orkla strives to operate in accordance with fundamental ethical values and with respect for individuals, society and the environment. To ensure compliance with this standard in every part of the Group, Orkla places emphasis on developing good leadership, a strong corporate culture and appropriate management procedures.

Management procedures

Each Orkla company has an independent responsibility for its own operations, which includes exercising corporate responsibility in accordance with the Group’s values and general guidelines. The CEO of each Orkla company is responsible for implementing Orkla’s directive on corporate responsibility, the Responsible Employer and Human Rights Policy and other related Group policies and standards. The work must be based on the principles of a precautionary approach and continuous improvement, and the companies are expected to focus their efforts on the areas in which the need for improvement and possibility of exercising influence are greatest. The companies’ prioritisation of resource use must be based on an assessment of both business and stakeholder needs.

Orkla’s governing documents are accessible to all the companies through the Group’s web-based governance portal. To ensure that employees are familiar with the policies linked to corporate responsibility, internal training is provided by both the Group and the companies.

Orkla monitors the companies’ corporate responsibility and sustainability work by means of annual internal status reports. This reporting takes place in connection with business area reviews and Orkla’s external sustainability reporting.

Orkla’s Board of Directors approves the Group’s Code of Conduct and directive on corporate responsibility. The Board also monitors the Group’s efforts by means of an annual assessment of the progress in Orkla’s sustainability and compliance work, a quarterly review of changes in key EHS indicators and ongoing discussion of individual matters considered to be of material importance for Orkla’s operations. Orkla’s Group Executive Board is responsible for setting and achieving Orkla’s sustainability targets and for approving Group policies for individual topics. Orkla’s Chief of Group Functions and Legal Affairs, has the administrative responsibility for Orkla’s corporate responsibility work, and determines which matters are to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

Organisation of Orkla’s corporate responsibility work

Responsibility for drawing up and revising the Group’s Code of Conduct, directive on Corporate Responsibility and related policies and standards lies with the Executive Vice President, Group functions and legal affairs, who reports to Orkla’s President and CEO. Within Group functions Orkla has a corporate social responsibility function, which is responsible for developing Orkla’s sustainability strategy and leading the implementation across Group functions and business units. The function also prepares the annual progress reporting to the Board of Directors.

In line with Orkla’s decentralised organisational structure, each company has an independent responsibility for establishing targets and plans for the sustainability work and for implementing the Orkla directives, policies and standards. The Rules of Procedure for the boards of directors of the companies that are owned directly by Orkla contain requirements regarding annual internal reporting on the status of the companies’ corporate responsibility activities. The companies have nominated a manager who is responsible for coordinating the sustainability work within the company and for sustainability reporting to Orkla.

Issues related to ethics and corporate responsibility are addressed in the Group’s internal risk management procedures and as part of the due diligence assessments that are carried out in connection with acquisitions. Annual internal activity reports are prepared in connection with Orkla’s external sustainability reporting. The Group also has procedures for monthly internal EHS reporting.

Orkla’s internal audit function carries out regular audits of all the companies in the Group. Ethics and corporate responsibility are among the topics addressed in these audits.

Orkla’s Sustainability Management Network is an internal network established for learning and collaboration with a key focus on achieving Orkla’s long-term sustainability targets. The network is headed by the Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and consists of representatives of the companies and relevant functional units.


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Sustainability Director

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