Supports the Salvation Army’s holiday programmes for families with children

With grants from the Orkla Friends Fund, TORO helps enable disadvantaged families with children to go away on holiday.

The partnership between the Salvation Army and TORO was established in 2016 with the aim of spreading even more warmth and good soups to the Norwegian people. Orkla now wants to make a further contribution, by providing funds earmarked for holiday programmes for families with children at the Salvation Army’s centre on Jeløya Island outside Moss.

“The Salvation Army makes it possible for children and families with limited financial resources or other challenges to have an enjoyable holiday. It’s a fine initiative that we at Orkla are glad to have the opportunity to support,” says Christian Mjaaseth, Marketing Director at Orkla Foods.

The Salvation Army welcomes families with children from all over Norway. Over a period of three weeks, just under 400 children and adults stay at the Jeløya centre.

“The families who come here are people we meet and are in contact with during the year. They have busy, tiring lives and would love to do something different, but their finances are limited. It can do them good to have a break, pack their bags and go away for a week during the summer,” says Elin Herikstad, the Salvation Army’s head of Welfare and Development.

The programme is varied, and includes outdoor fun, a trip to the Tusenfryd amusement park, collective meals and other activities.