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Orkla seeks to promote trust in the Group’s operations through good, open communication. We publish an annual report on our corporate responsibility and sustainability work. Through our website, we also provide information on Orkla’s routine work procedures and on important actions that we have taken. Orkla also reports on its environmental work to the investor initiative CDP and on its efforts to promote responsible sourcing to the member-based resource centre IEH – Ethical Trading Initiative Norway.

In Orkla’s corporate responsibility work, we place emphasis on identifying the topics of corporate responsibility that are most relevant to our operations and the sustainability challenges that present particular business risks or opportunities for Orkla. In making our assessment, we take account of the importance of our efforts for society at large, the needs of key stakeholder groups and the long-term significance for Orkla’s competitiveness. Orkla’s sustainability reporting covers the Group’s efforts to address the topics identified as important or material. The process of analysing materiality is described in greater detail below.

The reporting for 2017 is included in Orkla’s Annual Report, which was published on 19 March 2018. The report is based on the guidelines of the international reporting organisation Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The choice and treatment of information is based on the GRI principles for good reporting practices, and we have focused on providing a good overall understanding of Orkla’s work, reporting on material matters and activities, presenting a balanced picture and facilitating comparison with previous years. Orkla reports in accordance with the GRI G4 Core reporting guidelines. An overview of the indicators covered is provided below. In preparing the report, Orkla also applied the Oslo Stock Exchange’s guidance on the reporting of corporate responsibility.

The information in Orkla’s sustainability report is based on input from numerous entities and data sources. Great emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the information is correct. However, the report does not aim to cover in detail every matter that might be significant for individual local companies, activities or products. Unless otherwise stated, the key figures in Orkla’s sustainability reporting cover every business in which Orkla owned an interest of more than 50% as of 31 December 2017. The key figures for emissions, energy use and water consumption will be verified by the independent company Cemasys during the spring 2018. For information on the sustainability work carried out by Orkla’s associate and joint venture Jotun, we refer to the company’s own report.

To enable us to further develop and improve our sustainability performance and reporting procedures, we welcome comments and suggestions. Such comments may be sent to

Orkla's Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2017 - Sustainability Report included

Orkla’s Annual Report for 2017, which also comprises Orkla’s Sustainability Report, was published on 19 March 2018.

Annual Report 2017


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