Orkla signs international climate action statement

Orkla is committed to contributing to a sustainable economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.


Orkla is committed to contributing to a sustainable economic recovery in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, and is participating in an international climate campaign supported by 155 companies in 33 countries.  

“Uniting Business and Governments to Recover Better” is the name of the campaign backed by the international organisation Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the United Nations Global Compact.

A total of 155 companies in 33 countries are participating in the campaign, which underscores the importance of business and governments working in concert to achieve the climate targets. The economy must be rebuilt after the coronavirus crisis in a way that helps to solve the global climate challenges. Business must be prepared to invest in renewable energy and sustainable solutions. At the same time, this will necessitate a climate policy that reduces the risk of such investments and promotes green growth.

“The coronavirus crisis has put an enormous burden on society. In rebuilding the economy, it is important that business and governments work together to meet the climate targets and join forces to achieve a sustainable recovery,” says Orkla President and CEO Jaan Ivar Semlitsch.

Orkla has had an important responsibility to society during the coronavirus outbreak as a supplier of food, household cleaning and hygiene products. To meet the substantial demand, production in selected categories has been stepped up to ensure solid inventories and good delivery capability.

At the same time, Orkla wishes to show leadership in making the transition to sustainable production. The company has set targets for greenhouse gas emission reduction that are aligned with the Paris Agreement on limiting global warming to 1.5˚C. Orkla’s climate targets have previously been validated by the SBTi.

Over the past five years, greenhouse gas emissions from Orkla’s own production have been reduced by almost 60 per cent. Orkla has also worked to reduce food waste, increase packaging recycling and reduce the climate footprint of its own products. Offering plant-based alternatives to meat and developing products and packaging made from renewable, recycled materials have been a key focus of the company’s sustainability work.

By signing the “Uniting Business and Governments to Recover Better” statement, Orkla is underscoring the need to ensure that efforts to achieve the climate targets do not come to a halt as a result of COVID-19.


Uniting Business and Governments to Recover Better
Science Based Targets initiative
UN Global Compact